Eye of the Tiger...Cat Scratch Fever...Don't Stop Believing...The Search is Over...Seperate Ways...Stranglehold...High On You...What I Like About You...On The Dark Side...Can't Hold Back...Show Me the Way...Burning Heart...C.I.T.Y....Hey Baby...Is This Love...Just What The Doctor Ordered...Talking in Your Sleep...I'm Always Here...One In a Million...

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Mike Higgins




Mike Higgins- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals




Sibling to Tim, Mike Higgins has been the music business for 32 years performing with the aforementioned acts, along with 14 years contributing to Kevin Chalfant’s band. Outside of strumming his Taylor six-string on stage and switching up to bass on occasion, the multi-talent is a frequent duet partner with Chalfant on some of Journey’s most familiar favorites.

 “We’re combing through everyone’s history on this tour and there are ties to so many classic rock families its almost hard to keep track,” he suggests with a chuckle. “It’s all about pleasing the fans, bringing back memories and introducing these songs to younger generations.”






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